Welcome to my website and, more specifically, my blog. This is my first post and in it I wanted to briefly explain what I do for a living and how I do it. I decided to do so because a lot of people have been asking me about it on Instagram. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve already checked (or are checking) my website out. It should give you a little glimpse of the “odyssey” of my life. I hope you like it!

My name is Andreia, today I’m 25 years old and have visited 43 (out of 241) countries and dependencies in the world.

I started traveling at a very tender age thanks to my family, who also enjoys traveling as much as I do. I’m very thankful for the amazing opportunities they gave me, and still give to this day. Nowadays I travel with my boyfriend as well. He is as adventurous as I am and has helped me making my life a wonderful trip! Gonçalo and I have been together for almost 5 years now and have visited 24 countries together. It all started with a trip to Southeast Asia that we organized after finishing our post-graduation back in 2015. I fell so in love with wandering that I decided to make it a life-style.

My family in Beijing

Me in Bangkok

Gonçalo in Bali

I was working in a graphic design studio in Lisbon when this idea hit me – wouldn’t it be great if I could work from anywhere on the planet? Being stuck in one place wasn’t very inspiring and didn’t do much for my development as a human being or as an artist. I had experience working at a distance with foreign agencies before, so I decided I should try that on a full-time basis.

Working remotely while doing what we love was now our life goal (mine and Gonçalo’s).

We met in college and have had a very similar life path. We even work together most of the time – and let me add, we make a hell of a great team! After searching for the right opportunities we managed to achieve our goal, and today we have worked with studios, agencies and companies from all over the world. Either as freelancers or on a full-time basis – but always remotely. This gives us the ability to wander the globe while working from our laptops.

Ever since I started working this way, I feel my productivity has increased significantly and I feel much happier than before. Inspiration comes a lot easier when you see new things and have new experiences every day.

Me & Gonçalo in Tuscany

Me & Gonçalo in the Sahara

Workspace view in Nara

Being able to sort out my own schedule is also a blessing. Face it – who’s happy to go off to work at 8 AM, spend hours in public transportation trying to reach the same old office, be caged there for 8 hours, get home by 8 PM, have dinner, go to sleep and repeat…? As much as I love what I do, that kind of routine definitely wasn’t productive or healthy for me. And I believe most people feel the same way. I feel my best at different hours of the day, and being able to decide how to manage that increases my efficiency.

We should work to live and not live to work, in order to be happy. Work’s GOTTA make us happy. Otherwise, we won’t be good at what we do.

Hey! We’re only here once… That’s why I decided to become a digital nomad and regain control over my life. I didn’t want to feel miserable every Sunday night thinking that tomorrow would start another shitty week under the same stress and routine. No, I wanted Mondays to be a good thing! And that’s what I have managed to do so far.

In my case, I work as graphic and web designer, most of the time. But I also enjoy working in social media, illustration, photo and video editing, and doing some front-end development. I spend a lot of my free time photographing the world, people and the things I see. I worked as a freelance photographer before (mostly fashion and fine-art). Today I do it as I go, photographing my daily life and building a little diary of the experiences I have while traveling abroad. I work on a multitude of different disciplines, so it’s hard to label myself as a designer, front-end developer or photographer.

Let’s just say I’m a visual artist in a way to summarize what I do professionally.

Me in Shangai

Me and Gonçalo in the Blue Lagoon

Me in the Death Valley

In case you don’t already and If you’d like to follow my adventures, you can check out my Instagram, that’s where I keep my “gallery”. I hope I can inspire some people to do more for themselves – travel more, be a little happier everyday and go make something beautiful! Something that you like. Something that will make you want to get out of bed in the morning – or at noon. Damn, if that’s what makes you happy! I’m a night owl, so I can relate.

I shall be posting here now and then about my travels, interests, life-style, etc. So stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Andreia Coutinho

17/01/18 15:35 PM