My odyssey


I started my education path at the age of 5. Thanks to my parents, I started travelling at a very tender age, so by the time I entered school, I could already speak fluent english and had visited dozens of countries.

Primary School

As any child should, I completed my primary schooling and it was memorable. Around this time my passion for animals led me to promise myself that one day I would become a vegetarian.

High School

I studied Sciences and Technologies but I always knew that my passion resided in the arts. High School was when I discovered a lot of my personality: musical and asthetic tastes, morals and values.


I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. Then I finished a Post-graduation in Web & Mobile Development. I later enrolled in a Photography Master’s Degree at Aalto University (Helsinki) - that I never finished because I started working.


I started as a graphic design intern in a design studio in Lisbon. Simultaneously, I worked at a distance with an agency based in Mozambique – enticing my passion for working remotely. Since then, I’ve worked like this for agencies and companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, United States, Dublin and Iceland.